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North Carolina produce
-- especially our delicious sweet potatoes -- makes up a good portion of our business.

    Some of the best produce in the world comes from the great state of Mississippi.

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Information Courtesy of Blue Book Services, 845 E. Geneva Road, Carol Stream, Il., 60188-3520. (630) 668-3500.

Sweet Varieties

Bing and Lambert are most common. Others include Van, Chinook, Royal Ann and Ranie, Black Republican, Stella, Burbank, Chapman, Burlat, Black Tartarian, Schmidt, Windsor Tart, Emperor and Francis.

Tart Varieties

Montmorency, Early Richmond and English Morello.

U.S. Grades for sweet varieties

U.S. No. 1 and U.S. Commercial.


Cherries are generally transported in corrugated fiberboard boxes and wooden lug.


Contact with ice is not recommended. Very low ethylene ripening sensitivity — can come into contact with ethylene producers.

Sweet Variety Temperatures

USDA recommends storage between 30 and 31 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 to -0.6 degrees Celsius).

Tart Variety Temperatures

Ideal storage for tart cherries is the freezing point for water -- 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 1.1 degrees above the cherry's freezing approximate freezing point -- around 30.9 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.6 degrees Celsius).

General Recommendations

"Because cherries are hauled at near-freezing temperatures, fruit affected by freezing and chilling injury may be found in the market place. While the severity of the injury depends on the temperature drop and length of time maintained below freezing, general indications of chilling and freezing injury will be a water-soaked, translucent appearance, which in extreme cases will cause tissue collapse -- otherwise known as "pitting." The underlying flesh in such cases
may become brown, soft and mushy." -- Courtesy Blue Book Services.

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Great growers produce great fruits & vegetables

    Our relationship with two of the finest farming outfits in the United States allows us to always provide quality product.
   Alexander Farms and Topashaw Farms were carefully selected by Farm Fresh Produce to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.