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    Sweet Potatoes

    Information Courtesy of North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.


    Although there are literally hundreds of sweet potato varieties, a few grow especially well in North Carolina. Their wide array of colors and subtle flavor variations can really add that special something to even the most mundane of dishes. (Click this link for anything-but-mundane sweet potato recipes.)

    The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission shows us 9 (nine) of those varieties in this image, in their unsliced forms:

    Here's another photo of the same varieties, except sliced to show the beautiful colors adding sweet potatoes to your recipes can provide:

  • Covington

    Covington sweet potatoes have a pinkish-colored skin, described as "rose"-like by the N.C. Sweet Potato Commission. Flesh is moist and orange.

    According to the state's Sweet Potato Commission, Covingtons are by far the most popular variety, with an 87-percent (87%) share of planted produce in the year 2009 in North Carolina.

    Whole Covington Sweet Potato    Sliced Covington Sweet Potato

  • Beauregard

    Beauregard varieties, like their close cousins the Covington, also have rose-colored skin and a moist, orange flesh.

    They are the second-most popular sweet potato to plant in North Carolina, with
    a 10-percent (10%) share of planted crops.

    Whole Beauregard Sweet Potato    Sliced Beauregard Sweet Potato

  • Hernandez

    Reddish skin with a moist, orange flesh.

    Whole Hernandez Sweet Potato    Sliced Hernandez Sweet Potato

  • Purple Sweet Potato

    A fascinating new, as-of-yet unreleased variety of sweet potato, with a purple skin and moist purple flesh, unlike the Japanese and Murasaki sweet potatoes, which are colorful but have drier flesh.

    Whole Purple Sweet Potato            Sliced Purple Sweet Potato

  • Evangeline Sweet Potato

    Evangelines are characterized by their rose-colored skin and moist flesh, which is often a deep orange. The type is a "new release from Louisiana," according to the N.C. Sweet Potato Commission.

    Whole Evangeline Sweet Potato    Sliced Evangeline Sweet Potato

  • Puerto Rican Sweet Potato

    Puerto Rican sweet potatoes are something of an oddity in the canon of sweet potato colorings - their faded hue contrasts sharply with the other varieties typically grown in North Carolina.
    They have a whitish- to copper-colored skin, and a moist, reddish-orange flesh inside.

    Whole Puerto Rican Sweet Potato    Sliced Puerto Rican Sweet Potato

  • O'Henry Sweet Potato

    O'Henry sweet potatoes, like the Puerto Rican variety, have a lighter hue, often close to faded copper. The Sweet Potato Commission describes them as "moist cream fleshed," and are a variant of the more popular Beauregard variety.

    Whole O'Henry Sweet Potato    Sliced O'Henry Sweet Potato

  • Japanese Sweet Potato

    Japanese sweetpotatoes have a distinctive dark-red skin, somewhat reminiscent of the common small red potatoes, although they are much larger. The flesh inside is slightly dry, and typically a whitish color.

    Whole Japanese Sweet Potato        Sliced Japanese Sweet Potato

  • Murasaki Sweet Potato

    Murasaki sweetpotatoes are another variety with Japanese roots, with a reddish-purple skin and stout tuber, like its relative the Japanese sweet potato. The flesh is dry and white, and has a multitude of uses in cooking.

    Whole Murasaki Sweet Potato        Sliced Murasaki Sweet Potato

  • Information cited courtesy of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.

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    Gourmet sweet potato recipes

    Do you know your sweet potatoes?

     Perhaps you do. But chances are good that you haven't stumbled across these delicious ways to prepare them, in recipes prepared by some of North Carolina's finest chefs. Do your tastebuds a favor, and make a toast to good health,
    because sweet potatoes are packed with both flavor and nutrients.

    All recipes courtesy of
    The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission